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Shared Living Offers Antidote to Loneliness for Single Seniors

Website Helps “Golden Girls” and “Golden Guys” Find Roommates

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: February 12, 2015
CONTACT: Robyn Miller-Tarnoff, 703-405-8355

Bonnie Moore knows the secret to preventing loneliness as she ages and it has less to do with who shares her bedroom than the other rooms of her house.

When a divorce left Moore, now 70, living alone in a newly remodeled home in 2008, she searched for and found four roommates to fill the empty bedrooms. The experience was so positive for Moore that she wrote a book called ““How to Start a Golden Girls Home.” In June 2014, she launched Golden Girls Network, a website dedicated to helping mature adults find roommates and ease their way into shared living.

“Living with others at this stage in my life has been so much more fun and rewarding than I ever imagined,” said Moore, founder of Golden Girls Network. “In addition to contributing rent that makes my mortgage affordable, my roommates have become an important part of my life. We throw parties together, get to know one another’s friends, and help each other out.”

Nationally, shared living is on the rise among baby boomers, thanks to a swelling demographic of single seniors and the economic recession that ate into people’s savings. In 2000, there were 820,000 households where single people ages 46 to 64 shared housing with non-relatives, according to Bowling Green State University’s Center for Family and Demographic Research. By 2013, that number had risen to 1,090,000.

According to Moore, there are several ways that shared living can work. “Some people are looking to become part of a group that shares and manages equally, either through shared ownership or equally sharing a lease. Others are looking for a landlord/tenant arrangement where one person owns the home and others are roommates. A third option is a home companion, where one person provides some household assistance and companionship for an older adult.”

Moore designed GoldenGirlsNetwork.com to be easy for those seeking a variety of roommate arrangements. Site users create a profile and pay $39 for a 6-month membership. Moore teaches a monthly online class in which she reviews each of the different shared living arrangements and offers recommendations and best practices (like sample roommate agreements) for making it work.

“Many mature adults simply don’t know where to start looking for a roommate,” Moore said. “Our goal is to help people connect. Finding the right shared living situation can be life changing.”


Golden Girls Network is the only nationwide network that helps mature adults find roommates and access the resources they need to make shared living work. More information is available at GoldenGirlsNetwork.com